The History Of Lent

Lent or Pristan is a part of the old town by the Drava River. Its name reveals the role of the city in history. The name LENT derives from the German word landen, which means a place for landing. It is this part of Drava River that was in Roman times a traffic center for the river transport, where up to 1200 rafts landed annually and from where they were floating wood from nearby forests, textile, iron and wine from nearby vineyards all the way to the Danube, Black Sea and beyond.

Maribor was first mentioned as a city in 13th century. The citizens began to build a two kilometer long city wall which protected and bordered the city of Maribor and Lent. The southwestern part was settled by Jews, who were very successful traders. They built up the Jewish quarter with a synagogue and Jewish tower. On the other side of the city wall was a Minorite monastery. The City wall was fortified with towers in 16th century. The towers successfully defended them from incursions by the Turks. A very important water front was also built – a cannon platform with a low roof, called Venice.

Lent was flourishing up until the second half of the 19th century. The City of Maribor was growing along rapidly and started to spread to the other bank of the Drava River. With the railway and industry development the river transport started to decline, the navigation on the river Drava was ultimately prevented by the construction of the old bridge, which was the first one that connected citizens of both shores of Maribor. The bridge was completed in year 1913 and soon afterwards numerous electric plants were built on river Drava. Riparian part of the city lost its function, as it was the closure of the route that disabled the rafting.

In 1919 Lent was renamed into Pristan. In the eighties of the 20th century, Lent was methodically restored. Most of the ancient houses and cultural-historical monuments were restored; giving Lent a special antique charm.

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